Transportation Services

Transportation Services

The Transportation Engineering group deals with the structural inspection, structural evaluation/analysis, design, and engineering of transportation infrastructure such as miscellaneous roadway structures – including but not limited to sign structures, traffic signal structures, lighting structures, drainage structures, retaining walls and bridge structures.

Thompson Engineering Group (TEG) has a staff of dedicated professionals that continues to provide comprehensive engineering solutions to the satisfaction of our clients on a variety of projects from conceptual through construction inspection. TEG is a Florida based, privately owned firm that offers structural engineering and bridge inspection services. TEG is a certified DBE firm with FDOT work group pre-qualifications in miscellaneous structure, bridge structures and bridge inspection.

Our client base includes consulting engineering firms, private industry, local government, federal and state agencies. TEG delivers high quality structural engineering services to all our clients and we aspire to be your DBE firm of choice. We encourage and support continuing education and professional development training to ensure and maintain staff competency and skills enhancement. We believe this is crucial to the development and expansion of the firm.

Thompson Engineering Group was founded by Mr. Michael A. Thompson, MSc, P.E. with the primary objective of providing comprehensive architectural/engineering design of building and transportation infrastructure to our clients in both public and private sector.

Thompson Engineering Group is a progressive and exciting company that depends on our staff, relationships and professionalism that enable us to be successful.

As a company we encourage and support continuing education and professional development training to ensure and maintain staff competency and skills enhancement. We believe this is crucial to the development and expansion of TEG and will ultimately translate into a great benefit to all our clients.

TEG as a company has the relevant experience and a solid track record ready and available to provide high quality services to our clients. TEG is well regarded as a transportation engineering firm with the necessary resources, experience, and strong bridge and Micro-Station CADD support capabilities. Our team offer comprehensive understanding of our client’s project scope and issues and is ready and available to apply our experience immediately to any assigned task not limited to plans preparation, bridge design, retaining walls, overhead and cantilever sign structures, mast-arms, strain poles, high-mast light pole, construction inspection, site inspection, bridge development report, bridge load rating, structural analysis, box culverts, cost estimate, cost analysis and any other relevant incidental services associated with the project scope of work with representing our clients.

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TEG is driven to be continuously successful engineering firm and we recognize that our success is a function of our clients. TEG commits to:

  • Treat you “our client” in a manner that is both fair and honest.
  • Respond to our client’s requests promptly and professionally.
  • Demonstrate patience, tact and courtesy at all times.
  • Provide you “our client” full value on every aspect of service provided.
  • Take personal accountability, interest and initiative in resolving clients’ issues.
  • Protect you “our clients’” right to privacy and confidentiality.

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We know it’s not easy trusting your valuable projects to someone else, so here’s some folks who can help tell you about our work and our client focus…

“Professional Engineering Services. Fast and trustworthy. Do you need professional engineering services? Do not hesitate to contact them.”

“Thompson Engineering Group provides some of the best qualified engineers and designers with strong knowledge of the construction industry and they are always ready and available.”

“Our journey with Thompson Engineering Group has been remarkably great. The quality and workmanship is excellent.”

“Mr. Thompson is definitely my new go to Engineer. As a contractor I have multiple projects happening at the same time and deadlines to meet and Michael and his staff make sure of it.”

“Mr. Thompson and his staff have been so helpful and honest from the start. I recently bought a house that needs a lot of renovations and plans drawn up and Mr. Thompson was able to come out the same week and start working on my plans. They have made the process as easy as possible and the ladies in his office are always going above and beyond to help and get the job done.”

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